Strange animal crosses road in front of car file# 00585


Date:october 22, 2003
Washington county, OR
Nearest town:
Cherry Grove
Nearest road:
Patton Valley Road
Clear Sky
pre dawn dark hours
The location was near Cherry Grove, it was about 1 1/2 miles east of Cherry Grove, and about 5 miles west of Gaston.


Description of event: On October 22, 2003 I was driving home with my younger brother and my friend. My brother was asleep in the back of my car, and my friend was sitting in the passenger seat next to me. We were driving along, and we always keep both on eyes on the road. She spotted some eyes on the road, and called out "deer". I slowed down, because it's well known that deer are a bit crazy, and do jump out infront of cars. The thing about this experience was that it was quite odd. The animal was moving at an incredible speed (about the rate of a car going 5-10 mph). We figured that if it was a deer, then it would be moving up and down (because they gallop, or jump, when moving at fast rates). This animal was moving at a steady rate, not moving up or down, there was also an odd smell in the air, much like a mix between rotting timber and dead animal.

Another thing about the night was that it was decently lit by the moon light. And I had my bright lights on. IF it had been a deer or elk, i would have seen the light brown fur that they have, or a rack of antlers. None of these variables were present. Only a dark figure, and a set of eyes.

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