Teens hear vocalizations, see small grey/white creature swaying side to side

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Date: , 1979-80
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
North of 212
The end of a culdesac in Damascus, north of 212, I cant remember the name of the road but it may have been Lansing Lane or High Ridge Court, in that general area.


Description of event: This happened long ago, posting partly so that myself and others in the area that Ive just read about on here since I found this site wont feel like freaks. But I remember it like it was yesterday and I always will.

My friend Gregs dad lived in a very nice, newer (at the time) house at the end of a culdesac in Damascus. Myself, my friend Greg and two other friends spent the night there when we were all in our early teens (13/14).

We were not 'good' kids, and as we started to party (his dad was away) Greg, laughing, told us we should go call for the Ooooeee Monster. Apparently kids in the area (or just Greg) knew about something they called the Ooooeee Monster that lived in the woods to the north that could often be heard making a sound/yell like, well, oooooEEEEEE.

Anyway, his dads house had a huge deck on the back (north?) side of the house, overlooking the large grass backyard that was bordered on the end and on the right by woods, so we took our beers and stood on the deck and took turns yelling ooooEEEEE out into the woods, laughing and joking. We started about just pre-dusk, and after about half an hour Greg started pointing and laughing saying "See I told you guys" and about 50 feet out, standing right on the edge of the woods on the right side of the yard, was a short (about 5 - 5.5ft) white/grey shape slowly swaying from side to side.

We all were leaning out over the deck to get a better look, and at first I didnt see it but did within about 2 minutes. My other two friends were pointing and getting kind of freaked out, and they sobered up pretty quick, but I felt a rush like no other, and everything is imprinted in my memory vividly. Greg was still laughing, and started yelling oooooEEEEE some more, and the thing made some sounds almost like an inquisitive cat prrr? but more like ooOOO?, kid of softly.

Anyway, after about 10 minutes Greg thought that we should go try to see it closer and started trying to slyly-while-drunk walk down the steps to the yard, and after a minute of hesitation we followed (though I was kinda scared to). But we lost site of it as we went down the steps and when we got to the yard it wasnt there anymore, so we ran to where it had been. We thought we heard some brush crashing in the woods, or at least I did. Greg acted as if he wanted to go in the woods after it, but none of us were going to, so I think he was secretly relieved.

The next morning, first thing we did was go to where it had been standing. There were a few gopher mounds around, and right in the middle of the loose dirt of a gopher mound was a bare footprint, really wide (we didnt measure it). I would estimate the print to be about 7"-8" long and almost just as wide right under the toes. There were four distinct toe prints, clear as day, while the little toe seemed to have not been in the dirt of the mound but on the grass. The depth was deepest around the base of the toes/ball of the foot, maybe 1/4 in the thickest part of the dirt, tapering to maybe 1/8" by the heel which was close to the grass.

We went into the woods right at that spot and followed a little trail to a small stream that ran along parallel to the yard about 20-30 yards in to the woods, and while we thought we saw many things like imprints, broken branches, etc, we didnt see anything more that was clearly from the night before.

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