"Bed" area found by bowhunters

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Date:august , 98
Grant county, OR
Nearest town:
Austin Junction
Nearest road:

fair not cloudy
If you know where Austin Junction is it is easy. Once at Austin Junction go East about One mile just on the other side of the ranger station. You will come to a gravel road on your right. Just drive for about ten miles. That is why we call it Ten mile. There will be a turn to your left that will take you into a rock quarie. Get out of your vehicle here. The best way I could tell you to get the spot with all the downed limbs is to walk strieght up the ridge and down the other side. There you will find a place where the ridge goes from being steep to a flat spot on the side of the ridge kinda like a sadle. This is the spot. There is a Natural spring about 200 yards down hill from here also. lots of wild life in this area.


Description of event: I was bow hunting with my uncle and i came across a spot where something had torn all the limbs from all the treas for about ten feeat up. It did this in about a hunderd foot area and pilled up the limbs flat on the ground as if using it for a bed. It was obviousely an old thing though because none of it was green any more. I often feal as if something is following me or watching me in this area. It really is kinda spooky sometimes.

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