Two men see a creature standing in a field file# 00624


Date: , 1980
Baker county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Anthony lake hwy
warm & sunny
early afternoon
my brother and i was driving up anthony lake hwy, on our way home. 1/2 mile from our house, and several others.


Description of event: It was standing in a field not even 35 yards away. I skidded to a stop screaming look at that look that ya see it, ray hell ya i see it. it just stood looking at us! but i could tell by body language and expresions, it was as supprised to see us as we were him.we know it was real, we drove a 1/2 mile home grabbed camera and rifles and went back it was gone. but it was farm land and only one line of trees, had to be wright there but we was afraid to go find it even though we both had high powered rifles. we proble sat there for a good five minutes, it was only 30 or 35 yards away, in a feild no brush or nothing to hide behind. i was sitting on the window ledge of the door looking over the top of the car,screaming to ray look look, it stayed wright there looking at us. you could just tell it was as suprised as we were. proble never seen a human before. we hauled ass home to get camera, and was gone when we gat back not 5 or 10 minutes later only could of went up a tree line deviding two feilds, not thick trees either they was in a straight line several feet apart, or a culvert pipe under the road, we was still so freaked we wouldnt even get out of the car to look for tracks or him.

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