Creature seen crossing the road at night file# 00631


Date:december 08, 2003
Polk county, OR
Nearest town:
grand ronde
Nearest road:
overcast,showers,some fog

hwy 18 about 1/2 to 3/4 mile west of murphy hill summit long straight away


Description of event: I was driving from portland to lincoln city to retrieve my work bag that i had left in lincoln city over the weekened i left portland at 3am and had only had coffee and donuts to eat there were not many other cars on the road at all none that were going in a westerly direction that were within sight of me and only about 2 cars passed me between spirit mountian casino and the sight were i had my sighting i was driving about 55 mph and had my bright lights on and had just came over a rise in the road shortly after you start down the back side of murphy hill as i crested the rise out in the distance i saw what i thought at the time was a deer on the left shoulder of the road about 200 yards out from me i slowed down to 40 mph or so because i dint want it to jump in front of me or if there were other deer in the are i might spook them into the road as i got within 75 yards the object began to move across the road from left to right that is when i saw that it was not a deer and i thought it might be a bear wich i have seen cross a road before but this was way different the object was hunched over slightly and was on two legs and cleared the road in about 4 steps the best way to describe the color was dark brown to black and i would guess the hair to be 4 or 5 inches the arms looked to come down to mid thigh are i did not see the eyes except for there seemed to be a deer like shine coming from the face are and the height to be about 7ft + as it dissapered over the edge of the road to the right i was about 50 yrds away by this time i was starting to feel pretty wierd like this was something i had never seen hard to explain the feeling as i passed the spot where it went over the bank i tried to look over and see where it had gone i was going about 25 mph now as i went about 20 yrds past the spot and stoped i then reversed my car to the spot where i had seen it go over the bank i stoped my car and left the engine running i had my window roled down slightly for air flow as i was driving when i stoped i could smell a musty type smell not real bad but strong enouph to notice i could here some movement in the brush but not alot because of the car noise and the fact that my window was only down 2 or three inches on the left side when the object was now on my right i had a really strong feeling that i was being watched every hair on my body was rigid i had goose bumps over my whole body i have them now as i wright about this not as bad but the chills i decided then that it would be a really good time to leave so i drove off as fast as my metro would go i made it to lincoln city at 6am and had about 10 cars pass me going east on hwy18 in that time when i got there i went to my girlfriends to get my bag and was going to come right back to portland to work instead i stayed until 9 am then left to go back to portland as i drove by the spot i thought about stoping but decided against it i know the are well though because i helped a lady who had rolled her car off the road in the same are many years ago the bank in the are is about 7 ft down on bolth sides and is swampy in some places i lived in lincoln city for many years and have spent time in the woods alone and with others and have never felt or seen anything like this i dont know what to make of it except for it being bigfoot no bear walks on its back legs like this if you want to see the spot i can take you there just let me know also i drive this stretch of road 2 times sometimes more a week

record updated:2003-12-07 00:00:00