Grayish-white creature sighted file# 00638


Date:october , 1993
Skamania county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Carson Guller
overcast, not rainy, cold
late afternoon
Follow highway 14 to Carson junction,(Wind River Highway) drive through Carson.Proceed straight for approximately 10 miles. Carson Guller is on the right side of the highway. Drive up for about 8 miles, road turns to gravel. Take a y shaped spur road on the right and follow for 1/2 mile, old cat road on the left, old logging landing road on the right.


Description of event: My ex-husband and I had taken the back roads from my mother's house and were looking for likely hunting areas, we took this spur road we had never been on before. We proceeded down the road and drove up another spur road, only to discover it was an old landing for previous logging. We turned around and continued to drive further up the road, he wanted to take a road that went down into a gully, it was extremely brushy, I got a creepy feeling and said we should go home, we had our then 6 month old baby with us. We then turned around and headed back down the main spur road, it was dusky, but not dark, the parking lights were on, but not the headlights. The baby was fussing so I was tending to her when my husband said did you see that? I looked up and didn't see anything, he then accelerated and sped down the road, only to stop by the old cat road. He told me to look out the passenger window (we were in a ranger pick-up) and tell him what I saw, I looked and couldn't say exactly what I saw. It had grayish white hair all over it, due to the overgrown state of the road I couldn't see much. What I could positively say I saw was a mid to lower back and upper thighs, it kind of glided a ways and then seemed to just slide into the brush on the side of the road and disappear. My husband had opened the driver door and was viewing from over the top of the truck, he claims to have made some sort of eye contact. I was excited and terrified all at the same time, I have lived all my life in the woods and had never seen anything like it. I insisted we get out of there. I must also note that this cat road had a mound of dirt built in front of it so a person could not drive the road. When we got home we called around and located some gentlemne who researched sightings, we took them to the spot the next morning, we had the truck parked exactly where it was when we had the sighting, my husband and the two gentlemen were standing in the same spot the (thing?)had been previously, all I could see of them was their mid backs and up, I then ascertained this thing had to be at least 6 feet or taller. A partial track was found in the first spot my husband sighted the thing which was at least 20 yards further up the road, a long white hair was also found. A report back from the sample was that it was inconclusive. We were later notified via mail that what we saw was probably a rocky mountain goat. Unlikely.

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