Border Patrol Agents see large signatures on scope, wildlife frightened file# 00640


Date:april , 1994
San Diego county, CA
Nearest town:
san diego
Nearest road:
otay lakes road
heavy fog
The Otay River leading into the lake; but it is a restricted area. I was working as a Border Patrol Agent and that is how I had access to the area.


Description of event: At about 2am I was working the Otay River area with three other Agents. The area had just burned in a fire, so it was black, and there was heavy fog. We were working on foot and heard a loud crash into the water, something very large, but just one splash. we walked over without using lights and could hear something in the water. It was walking against the current and on two feet. We could see nothing so we used our lights and still nothing was visible, though we could see across the entire width of the creek. There were four or five coyotes trying to leave the area as fast as they could, they seemed scared, but did not yelp. There was no noise except the creature walking in the water. we could clearly hear it and followed along side the creek bank until the brush stopped us. We all felt and extremely evil pressence and all felt afraid. We left the area.
A few minutes later the scope operator spotted something stocking two other agent in the same area. The scope was the type that picked up heat signatures; the operator said the object following the Agents towered over them, he had never seen such a large signature.
I've heard of a other encounters in the Otay and Tecate Mountains, and know a few Agents who tried to track it. But the tracks always just dissappeared. They were not fake tracks, we do this everyday for a living. Anyway I don't think bigfoot is an animal, he is something else. I also don't think he can ever be encountered on purpose or will ever be captured. As unbelieveable as it sounds, I think he can just vanish at will.

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