Camper has frightening encounter near Green Peter Reservoir file# 00641


Date:august 14, 2000
Linn county, OR
Nearest town:
Sweet Home
Nearest road:
Santiam Hwy.
Five miles above Green Peter Resevoire, A bridge crosses the Santiam River. Go over the bridge and up the logging road on the otherside. About two miles up that roat the paved section goes right, stay left on the gravel. After that junction, take the first left and head up the mountain, it was about five miles from the last left.


Description of event: While camping above Green Peter, well off the main road, my friends and I had an interesting experience. We were driving along the old logging road that branches left after the first bridge above the lake and stopped to smoke a ciggarette (my friend wouldn't let me smoke in the Jeep.) We got out and stretched our legs a bit and were talking about heading back to camp before it got too dark when, on the hill side below us, the strangest sound I ever heard rang out. It was like a long warbble, almost like a sad wail, if it had been human. One of the guys there is an amatuer bird watcher and assured us that it was most certainly not a bird. I suggested it might be an hurt animal, the sound was deep and resonated, but it sounded like something in pain.
We had all heard of bigfoot sightings in the area, so we couldn't resist an opportunity to look for whatever made the sound.
At this point, the three other guys decided they should keep an eye on the car, so I grabbed my rifle (there are bear up there too!) and went down the hill.
At first, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, but when I rounded a big fir tree, I found big crevice in the rocky hillside. It wasn't deep enough to hide anything, but the smell was awefull. It was like a mixture of human feces and wet dog- awefull!
I started to yell up the hill to my friends about the smell, but only got the first syllable out before something large and FAST burst from the otherside of the rock and down the hillside. All I saw was a flash of dark brown, that could easily have been deer, but I found no deer sign, or any other recent animal sign around. Scared the crap out of me.
I have spent years in the woods in Oregon and have never, before or since, smelled anything like that or heard a similar sound.
Was it Bigfoot?

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