Hikers followed in woods

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Date:march , 2001
Jefferson county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Overcast with rain
mid morning
From the Hood cannal bridge Hwy 101 S to Dosewallips road near Brinnon, WA. West up road 15 or so miles, Turn left across bridge, proceed until road stops. The road was cut many years ago. From the end of the road you hike 200 meters east. Make a right turn (south) at a creek and start going up the mountain. .25 to .5 miles was teh area that it started. I can show on a topo the exact spot.


Description of event: The area that we were in was very old second growth cedar. The topography is terraced. So you climb and then the ground levels out for a few meters then climbs again. You canít see from one bench to another. As we where going up the mountain, I had an uneasy feeling, but I couldnít put my finger on what it was, just uneasy. I came across some tracks (4) that I thought a bit odd since they where quite large but non-discript, and bipedal. I had seen elk tracks farther down the hill but these didnít have the right size for even a bull elk, even if their were two hooves making one track. The tracks where larger than my Danner boots and they are a size 11. Not to mention the stride was farther than I could step, even trying to match it was impossible given the ground and the slope. I wrote it off at the time because my mind didnít want to think it was a BF track. We went a little farther up the Mt. and came across a bed of sorts in a group of ferns. Again it didnít look like an elk bed because I couldnít find where another cows had taken a rest. Just one large bed with no elk tracks, or any other for that matter, close by. As I stopped my partner had continued on up the hill. I hadnít pointed out what I had seen so she kept on going. We went up a couple more benches and she was one bench above me. The whole time we are going parallel with a very small creek. I heard a large rock fall into the creek above me. Since I was concerned that my partner had fallen I ran up to her. When I got to her I asked if she was alright, she was. Then I asked if she had thrown the rock and she said no, it was on the next bench above us. As I was standing there catching my breath, itís hard to run with a full ruck sack, I caught movement out of the corner of my right eye. The movement stopped behind a large cedar. The only thing that I was sure of was that it was black in color, because it stood out against the brown and green of the forest. The distance was 50-60 meters off to our right. By this time I have to say that I was getting very uptight. I told my partner that since we had gotten such a late start and we had so far to go that we should just bag it and head back to the car. She agreed. As we went down hill I kept seeing something black move out of the corner of my eye, when I would look over it always stopped behind a tree. I stopped several times and stared in that direction hoping to see what it was but it didnít move until we where moving. I wasnít sure if my mind was playing tricks on me or what was going on. I didnít say anything to my partner since I didnít want to alarm her and my ego didnít want to admit aloud that I was getting scared. But I can say that I was very nervous now since whatever it was following us down the hill and it would cut us off because we had to make a 90 deg turn toward it to get back to our car. We got to the skidder road at the bottom of the Mt and stopped. (The skidder road is a very old one, with new trees growing on it that where so close together that you couldnít see more than a couple of feet in any direction once you where in them. The road wad maybe 8 feet wide.) I took the lead and started to walk toward our car. I was very quite as I walked. We had gone more than 20 feet or so when I head heavy foot steps come down the hill toward up breaking sticks as it came. It stopped even with us on the road. What ever it was wasnít more than 10 feet from us. I froze and motioned for my partner to do the same. There was no sound to be heard, so I started walking again, and damn if it didnít take a couple of steps as well. Again I froze and listened. This time it took a couple more steps, breaking some large stick doing so. I was carrying a side arm, I drew it and as quietly as possible I chambered a round. Whatever it was, was now less than ten feet away and stopped along side of us. The road only being 8 feet or so wide I thought it was too close too me so I stepped off the road on the down hill side away from the noises. This was strictly so I would have a clear shot should whatever it was come through the trees toward us. If it was a bear I know how fast they can charge and I would need a second to get a shot off. I got down on my hands and knees to look under the trees but because the density of the trees and the small berm on the far side I could see anything. We stayed frozen for what seemed like hours but I know it was only a couple of minutes at most. This whole time I was dumping adrenaline and my heart was pounding. I wanted to get out of there but the only way to the car was straight ahead. The aDosewallips river was to our right about 400 meters. We started again and it followed, breaking branches along the way. The thing followed us for 60 to 80 meter, the whole time parallel with us. Finally, just before I could see the car it stopped following and I never heard it again. That was just fine with me. As much as I wanted to see what it was that had followed us, I wanted to leave more. When we got to the car I threw the ruck sack inside and we drove off. I asked my partner if she had heard what I had heard. She looked at me, and her eyes where the size of dinner plates and her face was white, she had heard the what I had heard. She also said that she had an uneasy feeling the whole time we where in the forest. I havenít been back there since, but I am interested in going back soon. I have hunted bears, and 99% of the time they turn tail and run the other direction as soon as they scent you or see you. I have been paced by a cougar and this was no cougar. I can't say what it was but my gut tells me that it was BF. I have never felt this way in the woods, ever.

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