Teens see dark figures near park in area of ongoing activity

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Date: , 1998
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Lake Oswego (Lake Grove)
Nearest road:
Waluga Drive
Clear skies
The exact location of the sighting is in the middle of Waluga Park which consists of two baseball diamonds, and a playground. On three sides it is surrounded by dense woods. The park is in the middle of a residential area. It is landlocked. For this reason, I truly believe that this location is the key to unlocking the mystery. There are numerous Sasquatches living all throughout the park so the exact location isn't critical, however, I will describe it. Upon entry to the park, you will pass the high school diamond which is on the left hand side. At this point you can either take the road up to the rock quarry (right), or take the path down to the little league field (left). You can get to the location by either route. If you go left and pass on the right side of the little league diamond, you will come to a trail that has curved around the outfield fence. Follow this and turn right at the next trail. This trail leads up to the road leading to the rock quarry. About ten yards up this trail, you will come to a small trail on the left. This trail is adorned with slate rock. The event occurred about ten/twenty yards back on this trail.


Description of event: I was with two friends. We were sitting there on the rocks. It was getting dark. All of a sudden we started hearing rustling sounds. All of a sudden we started seeing figures moving around behind us. We were smoking cigarettes and I guess they must have been attracted to the smell. I thought it was cops with dogs. I don't know exactly how many figures there were but there were more than two. All of a sudden they stopped moving and sort of disappeared into the surroundings. We didn't know what to think. We were literally scared out of our wits so we just stood up and casually walked away.

I have had numerous experiences by myself and with others in this park that corroborate this initial experience.

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