Hunters, tracking injured deer, hear loud vocalizations file# 00665


Date:november , 2002
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Big Fall Creek road #18 rd.
Snowing/bottom of snow line.
early morning
Fall Crk. RSVR.


Description of event: I was hunting.I shot a deer,late evening hunt, tracked till dark, went to get help.I brought my brother and hunting partner in on the recovery or tracking of the buck.We walked in about 8:00pm got down to NEVERGO Crk. about 1:30 2:00am then up the ridge about 2:30. It was quiet, a light snow fell,and dark.We had a good lantern bright out to 50 ft..My brother said "shshsh listen you hear that, its your deer. I can hear it. It sounds like its still alive".I shot the buck with an arrow,a killing shot and believed it to have been gone hours ago.My brother said he could hear the deer gasping for air or gargling.I listened yet it sounded like a light woofing growling sound.It became louder as we got closer.I now could hear it pretty well and was convinced it could possibly be the deer dieing, bummer.I asked my brother to hold the lantern up high,he was nervous about going down to the animal,so he stayed with my friend. I thought I would run quickly down to the sound I thought was the deer and dipatch it with my hunting knife.I made it to the end of the lamps light.The darkness erupted in the closest encounter with an unidentified animal, screaming low to high pitch...very loudly.I turned around and ran for my life.I made it to my brother and friend clutching them and them me. "What is that".I said.The animal continued to whoop then scream at us.It circled around and above us.It screamed for a good five minutes, while we ran for uor lives.We came out of the drianadge around 5am in the morning.We had gotten lost for a short time,for of all fear we had.I was sure we were gonners. Till this day I'm afraid and can't get out into any mountains for fear of that creature.Possibly the BIGFOOT...I've hunted,fished,hiked,camped,was a logger and never in 20 years ever experenced anything like this??? Not an Elk, Not a Lion,Not an Owl.

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