Hunters surprise creature - it screams at them and runs away file# 00668


Date:september 05, 2002
Kitsap county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
green mountain
warm, a bit cool

it was right around green mountain. a little lake was right around there area. kind of in the middle of the woods. clear cut and everything. do not wish to give full detail due to not having full permission.


Description of event: it was about 3 or so in the evening and my friend was going buck hunting with another friend near green mountain, seabeck. His friend is a logger and has been in the woods a lot of his life. so has my friend. they were in the middle of trying to find a buck since it was buck season and all of the sudden about 25 yards or so infront of them there was this huge hairy giant tall man looking thing. u could tell it was not a man nor a bear because of its way of walking. the bigfoot was very close indeed to the 2 men and, i guess in terror of seeing a human, screamed a very loud errie screech and ran away very fast and human like. U could tell that sound was not human nor any animal presentble now. since it was not that long ago i dont think a new speices came out that could make such a terrifing sound. the got on their quads and drove off hella fast. they never came back later to check for tracks or anything because it had terrified them that much.

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