Several creatures seen running through woods file# 00675


Date: , Early 90's
Jefferson county, OR
Nearest town:
Simnasho / Warm Springs
Nearest road:
Reservation Road B-180
Sunny, Warm, Mid 80's
early afternoon
T7S, R9E, Sec. 21; WM


Description of event: I was just learning how to drive (I was 14 or 15 years old) and my brother, mother and myself were returning from a woodcutting trip. I had asked my mother if I could drive and she allowed me because we were traveling on dirt roads. We were traveling east along the B-180, within about 2 miles of our home, and were all talking about something inside our pickup. Then all of a sudden down the road in front of us about 400 feet, I seen something peek out from the treeline along the southern side of the road. It looked at us and only the upper portion of its body was visible. I was shocked and began to slow the truck and excitedly told my family: "Look do you see that, look!" The thing then tucked back into the trees and began running south into the timber where it was joined by one or two more smaller ones. The whole time I was trying to get my brother and mother to see what I was seeing as these things were running through the trees. Within seconds they disappeared over a small rise. It all happened so fast, like a few seconds, my mother and brother never did see what I just saw. I was kind of startled by it, but I pulled our pickup over where I thought the thing was peeking down the road at us. We got out and tried to look for anything, but the ground was so dry and was covered with pine and fir needles, the road edge was also very compacted making it hard to see any tracks. We never found any sign and the "things", I figure were long gone.

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