Creature seen running down muddy construction road file# 00681


Date: , 1976
Coos county, OR
Nearest town:
Myrtle Point
Nearest road:
Hwy 42
late afternoon
Recently logged area with some nearby tall stands of timber. The logging road was well maintained up to a landing and then there was no gravel, just mud.


Description of event: Parents and my sister and I were out on a drive through the countryside and had driven up this logging road. It was well maintained so that we were able to drive up it in our 1968 Mustang. I was in the rear passenger seat looking out my window. As we crested onto a landing and began to turn around to go back down the road I saw a bigfoot running down the muddy continuation of the road we were on. The road ran down the other side of the hill and was cut into a steep hillside. It ran about 50 feet and then stopped and twisted as if to look back. Then it turned to continue running, but now it was running off the road and up the hillside. It sprang up the bank and through some brush. It stopped again and took another look, then continued to run through the brush. I said nothing to anyone in the car, but marveled over what I had just seen. I said nothing about this until at least months had passed. I only mentioned it in a conversation I was having with my father.

The year I saw this isn't so clear in my mind. What I saw is and I remember it as clearly as I remember my own name. Seeing these other reports in the same area at around the same time as my sighting comforts me in a way; in other ways... Well I find myself sitting here typing while wondering where these creatures are right now?

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