Campers see large, black, hairy creature walk in front of headlights at campsite file# 00697


Date:october , 1999
Josephine county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Hwy between Takilma and Happy Camp
cold, winter setting in

Driving from Takilma you follow signs to Page Mountain Snow Park. A few miles before you come to the snow park there is a dirt road on the left. You have to watch for it cause it sneaks up on you. I don't remember seeing any other roads off to the left so it's probably the only one. This dirt road eventually goes back to the main paved hwy a few miles past the snow park. At this intersection you may also go to Bolan Lake if you turn left. If you turn right, you will go back to the hwy. This is where the dirt road ends at this intersection. Maybe 2 miles before you come to this end of the road, there is a steep descending rough road, about 2 miles long which at the bottom circles a cabin on three sides.


Description of event: I was there with about 9 or 10 others. We were just camping out for the weekend and having a good time.

We, while exploring the area on a previous trip had come across a mine. It was marked with a mine claim paper in a jar hanging from a tall stick in the ground. We went to the Josephine County Clerk to find out what other mining claims are in the area with interest in filing a claim ourselves, if an abandon claim was in the area. It turns out that there are 4 or 5 claims directly in front of the cabin.

On the night we saw it, we had arrived at the cabin after dark and set up camp. We had a little map of the area this time and after a few beers around the camp fire we decided, me and 3 or 4 other guys, to grab some flashlights and take a look in the woods. The girls stayed back at the cabin and we guys went down the road in 2 Suzuki Samurais. We left the Samurais running with headlights on facing toward us and the cabin (We couldnt see the cabin from there. The woods are very dense and it was a ways off. We were laughing and making alot of noise as we circled thru the dense area. We got almost to the cabin when we decided to turn back and retrieve our rigs, which we couldnt even hear at this point. I personally got a very strange feeling that something was watching us. I began to feel very uncomfortable but didnt say anything. Soon we were able to hear the Samurais engines running (they were both very loud with exhaust leaks to boot) We ended up making a very wide circle back to the rigs and ended up on a ridge looking down at the Samurais. Probably 50 or 60 feet higher in elevation and maybe 250 feet away. We had to descend a steep slope to arrive at the rigs and we decided to chill out and rest for a minute before we headed down. I lit a cigarette as did others and was looking down at the samurais when something huge and hairy walked between us and the headlights. We all saw it as it first passed in front of my rig blocking the headlights completely where it stood for just a second. Long enough for everyone to see it. Then it passed by the other Samurai in one large step blocking the headlights. All I could really see was that it was furry, brown or black. This I could see in the light of the headlights but because it was between us and the light we couldnt make out a shape at all. The only thing we could tell was that it had no fear at all of those noisy Samurais or the headlights and that it was tall. From where we were standing it would have to be atleast 5 feet tall to block the headlights from our view. If it were a bear, which is what we all agreed to that night then why would it walk right past those Samurais, why would it walk in front of them instead of behind them, whay would it be walking upright. I don't know much about bears but I don't think there are that tall while on all fours. Whatever it was, I'm convinced that it was watching the girls at our cabin when we unexpectedly crashed thru the woods scaring it out. Our decision to sudenly crash thru the woods could not have been expected by the creature. We caught it be surprise but it wasn't running away. It walked away slowly and it didn't know there werent any people in those rigs. If there had been then they would have gotten the fright of their life. Because as I mentioned before it paused in front of the headlights for a second.

We all spent a very scary night at the cabin. We didnt let this experience run us off. But we all felt like we were being watched as we slept.

We all agreed that it was a bear and didnt discuss it again for a few years. Until the other night one of my friends, who was with us that night, told me, out of the blue, that he thinks it was a bigfoot. Well, since he said it first, I agreed. But none of us have discussed that night since. I was reading your website and thought that I should add my story. Although, I dont remember smelling anything unusual.

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