Air Force trainee awakes with large, stinking figure standing over him file# 00700


Date:august , 1984
county, WA
Nearest town:
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Description of event: I was stationed in fairchild A.F.B and was going through land survival course, so maybe air force could give you the area of where they trained during the year 1984. I was in escape and evasion course and put into the mountains for training. at night we would have to sleep with no fire just a sleeping bag and i was awoken one morning at dawn, with what i believe to this day as a bigfoot standing over me. I remember it being so big, not in height but also in size. i could see just a dark outline of the body against the morning light which was still a dark blue in color. i remember a strong odor and i was so overwhelmed that i just laid on my back, speechless as it looked down on me. the creature turned or stepped back with his right leg, slowly swung his body back around and walked away back into the forest. i finally screamed and when people came to my location i did not have the guts to say what i know i had seen. i have maybe told 5 people to this day what i know to be true. i live in oregon and i am no stranger to what bigfoot is about. if you can find through the air force where are training was conducted at that time, then you will have another place to look for the creature or species of human that i believe to exist. good luck and i hope you find what we all want to prove, exists.

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