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Description of event: I have not had an encounter myself, but I have a habit of asking hunters that I come across during the work day ( I am an electrician and meet many new people on a frequent basis ) if they have ever seen any unusual things in the woods, without being 'bigfoot' specific. The conversations never were headed in that direction. Almost always I am told of a sighting or footprint find. An electrical apprentice I worked with for years hunts bear in eastern Oregon told me of being in a tree stand about 4 AM ( he was reading a book with a small red penlight ) when he saw a head walk by him at about 50 foot distance. It was nearing dawn. He said the vegetation was over his head while he was on the ground, so this thing's head was at least 8 foot. A general contractor told me that he has been hunting in Skamania County east of Silver Star mountain since a child; once in this wilderness walked over a rise in the trail and found a 'heel slide' which ended in an 18" footprint at the bottom. Another older gentleman told me his brother had seen one, but gets very quiet about the encounter and will not tell his brother any specifics. Sorry I can't be more specific, there are other stories but not as firsthand.

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