Excellent sighting by couple at Multnomah Falls

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Date: , 1986
Multnomah county, OR
Nearest town:
It was at Multnomah Falls
Nearest road:
The exact location was the lower parking lot at Multnomah Falls on I-84. We were parked toward the west end of the lot facing the Columbia River.


Description of event: My husband, myself and our 11 month old baby were spending the weekend at the Oregon coast. We stayed one night and on the second day decided to just watch the sunset and head back home to Hood River after we ate dinner. It was pretty late by the time we reached Multnomah Falls exit and my husband needed to take a break from driving to get some fresh air. We pulled into the parking lot and there were no other cars at all. We parked our vehicle at the west end of the lower parking lot. Our baby was sleeping in the back seat and he and I got out of the vehicle to stretch our legs and get some air. It was a pleasantly warm evening and very clear out. Just a few minutes had passed when all of a sudden we heard noise coming from the east end of the lot. We both looked and saw a very large, tall creature coming out of the tunnel where during the day people are walking in and out of constantly. It had to duck down to come through and seemed a bit irritated to have to do so. It came out of the tunnel and stood up tall pivoting to the west and headed our direction. During this entire ordeal, my husband (now ex) and I never spoke a word! Our voices fell silent as we both watched this thing head our way. As it came closer my mind tried to decide what it was. It clearly was not a human, too tall to be that. It was not a bear, as it's arms were long and actually hung to around it's knees at a full stand. It was not a gorilla as it walked like a human and was too big to be a gorilla. Process of elimination led me to the only logical conclusion. It was Bigfoot. Without a doubt.
It was dead silent. You could have heard a pin drop. Wouldn't rational people jump into their vehicle (where their precious child was sleeping)and take the hell off? Well, to this day, I can't explain the fact that we both seemed frozen on our feet and could not move or speak. At this time I recall there was NO FEAR. Absolutely none. Anyway, it approached and as it walked by us (about 20 feet from where we stood) it stopped for just a moment, aknowledged us by turning it's head to look and made a sound(?) and a slightly irritated wave of it's right arm. It then quickly lost interest and continued on it's way heading west in the parking lot. We watched in silence as this huge and obviously dark and hairy creature walked up to a cement wall, firmly planted it's hands on the wall and oh so quickly swept it's feet and legs right on through as it vanished into the dense forest beyond. Then it was gone. This entire incident lasted only minutes I am sure, but living it seemed to be in slow motion. Once the creature hopped the wall my husband and I FINALLY looked at each other wide eyed. All that he said at that moment was "let's get the hell out of here" as we got into our vehicle and took off. It wasn't until this moment that I felt physical fear. I began to tremble uncontrollably. My heart was racing at what we had just witnessed. We drove still in silence for a few minutes and then it seemed that we both at the same moment said to each other "did you see what I just saw?" It was as if we had to confirm it with the other because it was so unbelievable. Yes, we had indeed both seen the same thing, thank God! No one would believe this story. He belived me, and I believed him. He also told me that he had no fear until it was gone, just like me. Not once did we feel threatened by it (though it seemed a bit irritated by something)or did we fear for our sleeping baby in the back seat. Figure that one out!
That's my story. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for giving me a chance to share it.

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