Resident hears screams regularly file# 00717


Date:october 14, 2003
Benton county, AR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Old wire Road
Northwest Arkansas. Old Wire Rd, off of a road call Gann Ridge in Garfield, Ar 72732
There was no sighting or smell. This all happened about 500 to 700 yards from my back porch. The vocalization was as clear as the night air. If I wasn't alone and I had more nerve I would have moved closer. But I was too afraid to move off the porch. :) I did not investigate the next day as I can not get into the hollow with ropes or help and the other areas where it was heard was over my property line


Description of event: In early October of 2003 there where 4 sightings of an ape like creature in the Decatur area of NW Arkansas. This was during daylight hours and many residents saw it. I live approximately 25 - 30 miles East of this town. About a week later I was sitting on my back porch and heard this god awful sound. All the dogs in the valley where barking. I did not have a recorder but I remainded outside to listen to this. I have never heard anything like it. Right below my porch on my property is a very deep hollow and below that a dry creek bed. The sound moved from the left to directly in front of me and than to the right. It seemed to move quickly from left to right not like the natural wild life in the area. It's scream was such a volume that it scared me half to death. After about 30 minutes of listening to this I choose to go inside. I waited about 15 minutes and again went out on the porch. It was still there and still vocalizing and every dog within a 1/2 mile was barking. A some points I could even hear it while in the house watching TV. The last time I ventured out which was about 9:30 it was still screaming and then off in the long distance another one answered back. At that time since I was alone I told myself it was time to go in and lock the doors. I was more courious than scared but since I was alone I choose to seek shelter. I have lived here 5 years and sit on my porch every night since I smoke outside. I have never heard anything quite like it ever before. The volume of it's voice was a little lower pitched than the Klamath screams but with much more volume than your recorded vocalization. Otherwise they sound exactly alike. Thanks for listening. I plan to buy a small tape recorder and maybe if it happens again I can get a recording. If you need directions contact on my email. Thanks Gail

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