Boy scouts have sighting while playing in woods file# 00722


Date:july , 2001
Wallowa county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Indian Crossing Rd
We were at the Indian crossing campground which is about 1:45 minutes away from joseph. We saw this creature on the edge of the forest...we were in a clearing.


Description of event: We were camping with a summer adventure program at Indian Crossing. When it started to get darker we decided to play a game similar to capture the flag. My friend and I left a few minutes early to go hide when we saw a large object/creature that had red eyes in the glare of our flashlight. It was too tall to be a bear and too big to be a human, and the eyes wernt a deer's eyes cause they were for sure red. It wasnt moving really, but we didnt get to see it for very long because we got scared and ran back to camp. We told Jeff, our camp leader, what had just happened and he seemed to have believed us, unlike all the other kids. We were still scared but Jeff wanted to go exploring to see if we could find more evidence. We found broken trees and also fallen logs that were ripped open somehow. I dont know if Jeff was just trying to scare us or not, but he said there was a dead deer on the side of the road that was nearby the campground that didnt look like it got hit by a car. About a half of a year later my mom said she talked to this botanist that was at Blue hole(a place about 2 miles from the bigfoot sighting) and she saw tracks that were really big and couldnt be human. She took pictures of the tracks but I havnt seen yet. My friend and I honestly think we saw bigfoot, so we have been doing all this research...we are destined to find bigfoot again and prove everyone wrong!!

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