While searching for lost hunter, large tracks found in the snow

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Date:june 10, 1998
Butte county, CA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
near inskip@last chance creek
clear with snow on ground
from town of inskip drop down too feather river. from bridge stay on main road for about five or so miles too last chance creek. at small bridge.


Description of event: my cousin was woodcutting up there with a person he really didn't know and this person decided to go hiking on his own without warm clothing. anyway he got left up there when it got dark. when I heard about this I thought you can"t leave a man behind like that. so I got my cousin and danny and went back up to look for him . we found this person's track's in the snow and we followed them.at that point my friend danny called me over to see something. that's when we saw the track's. it crossed the logging roadwith two steps into a gulley and up a hill. next to these track's were identical tracks about a quarter of the size. there is no doub't in my mind what this was. I have logged in the woods for 17 years at mount st. helens ( bigfoot country) and I have never seen anything like this. I can take you to the spot.

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