Vocalizations heard near Detroit

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Date:October , 2000
Marion county, OR
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Description of event: my son and i were in the detroit area in the fall of 2000 oct we heard what we thought was a high pitched scream coming out of the creek bottom we heard the sound twice once very close just about 300 yrd down hill from us then again from farther off and to the right in an area of big timber the sound left an impression on the two of us we have hunted and fished all over oregon but the sound is like nothing i have ever in my life heard it was as if you could hear it in your head after the sound had stopped. the area is south west of detroit on the south shore. would very much like to hear other recorded sounds but little unsure may be a little freaky hearing the same sound recorded by other people.have been intrested in bigfoot since was a kid but the sound we heard is like nothing weve ever heard.

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