Rocks thrown at campers file# 00731


Date:September 01, 1979
Marion county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Silercreek falls road
This event was witnessed from inside hillside cabin# 2 at silvercreek youth camp in Silvercreek state park.


Description of event: My friend and I were attending a family camp ,sponsered by my church,at Silvercreek youth camp.We had arrived late and chose to take up residence in a cabin in the hillside cabin complex.We were the only campers in the complex that night.these cabins are an open design with wide screening surrounding the upper portion of the walls.laying across from each other on the top bunks,dave and I could see outside the cabin 360 degrees.I awoke at first light to a loud noise.I sat up and looked around thinking some one had come to wake us from the Church.Just then,on daves side of the cabin,a rock the size of a soccor ball came rolling down the hill from above the cabin.It rolled past the cabin and out of site.I am thinking what the hell!I woke dave up and said someone is trying to scare us ,and explained what had just happened.Then another rock much smaller,hit the roof.This got our attention!Dave jumped out of bed,threw on his jacket and made his way for the door.As he stepped outside,another rock the size of a softball ,came flying down the hill airborne,and crashed 12 feet up into an old growth fir tree.this was very alarming to us because that rock was thrown with the velocity of a fastball!We decided to stay in the cabin at that point.15 or 20 minutes passed without an event.Dave decided to investigate.first, he recovered the last rock thrown and returned to the cabin wide eyed.this rock weighed 10 pounds at least!! I couldnt throw it 20 feet!!then we ventured carefully up the hill,hoping to solve the mystery.about 100 feet above the cabin ,Dave found where the rocks had been plucked fromthe least two of the rocks fit perfectly into the depressions in the ground.noway any human could throw these rocks from there to the cabin with such velocity.we were definitely spooked!We decided we were in danger remaining in the area,so we packed up the rocks in my subaru and took off to tell my minister what had happened.He did not take any action and dismissed the event as a prank.What could throw a 10 pound rock 70 mph 100 feet???no one I know.

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