Strange vocalizations heard file# 00736


Date:february 29, 2004
Grays Harbor county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
7300 Rd. Simpson Timber
overcast/ mild temp.
early afternoon
Hiking near the Wynoochee river, exiting swampy alder bottom and entering heavy timber with moderate slope up hill. Location is a place I frequently hike in to fish and would like to keep it as private as possible.


Description of event: On February 28th I was leaving the area described above and thought I could hear muffled sounds ahead of me in the timber, I stopped and listened but couldn't quite make out what I was hearing and it stopped. I walked only a short distance and heard it again and stopped and listened but couldn't make out exactly what the sounds were. At first I thought it was human voices talking, then it almost sounded more like an animal sound like possibly a dog. Thinking possibly there was someone ahead of me I went on and kept looking for signs of someone or something. When I reached my vehicle on the dead end road I had parked there was no one there and no signs on the road of anyone elses footprints or tire marks. The next afternoon I traveled the same route with one of my fishing partners and I had not told him about the encounter the day before since I didn't feel it was anything significant. When we reached that same area as the day before we heard what sounded like a loud whooing noise. We both stopped and listened and neither of us could identify what it sounded like. At first he thought it sounded like something howling, but after a second time we both thought it sounded more like a loud hooting sound but extremely loud we both thought to be an owl, but much the same. We walked a short distance and it seemed when we were moving it would make the sound and when we would stop it was quiet. When we arrived back at my vehicle this time we did see another vehicle and one person waiting there, we exchanged information about where he was and where he wanted to go and he mentioned while he was standing near his vehicle he heard this loud howling noise from the timber below him and wondered if we had heard it also. We both confirmed with him that we to had heard the sounds. He seemed rather disturbed by them and said he was going to head down stream to an area he had been looking for but couldn't find. He was from Silverdale Washington and had never been in this area before. I have been hiking and fishing this area almost weekly for over a year and have encountered less than a handful of people in this area when I've been there. I've seen a lot of people in the area during hunting season but not during the late winter and summer. I've spent many hours outdoors in the woods by myself and with others and have never heard this type of sound before and I'm not a person who hears voices in my head when I'm out enjoying the peacefulness of the outdoors. The muffled sounds of voices that I couldn't identify when I was out on Saturday were much more disturbing than the hooting, since I couldn't figure out where they were coming from, where as the sounds on Sunday were obviously within a close proximety to us.

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