Screams heard near Clackamas River file# 00745


Date: , Not sure 1970-1971 ?
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Clackamas River ??
warm,sunny in the day
Drive up thru Estacada along
Clackamas River, past boat rentals and store.

Off to the right of the road
there is a trail that leads
down a fairly steep incline
to the river.

I might remember it if I was
there but it's been along time.


Description of event: My husband and I went up the Clackamas River past the boat rentals and store, we went to go fishing

We pulled over to the right of the road and went
down a trail to the river. The trail was fairly

The weather was good and we were enjoying ourselves even though we weren't catching anything.
It began to get toward evening.
We were under a canopy of trees and we discussed leaving soon while there was still light to see by.

All of a sudden came a massive scream from upstream and across the river-------there was no echo------it was one long continueous scream that started out low pitched and went into a high pitch. My husband and I looked at each other and said let's go NOW. We didn't know what it was but it really
scared us.We were frightened even though we knew that it was up the river and on the other side. We decided though that what ever it was, as big as it was it probably wouldn't take long for it to get across the river-----and we had to go back up the trail.
Neither my husband nor I knew much of anything about animals or camping at the time but we knew that whatever it was had massive lung power!!!!
I estimate now that it might have lasted between
10 to 15 seconds.
Upon returning to work my husband asked the men who went hunting about the sound and no one could
explain what it might have been.
That started our quest to find out what creature made that noise. We asked anyone that we thought might have the answer but to no avail.
We had hardly ever discussed Bigfoot or UFOs,etc
up until that time,then it seemed like we started hearing about Bigfoot and eventually met Peter
Byrne and discussed it with him. Previous to meeting him we saw a film in which a lady that lived in Canada discribed seeing a Bigfoot and a scream that it made. The way she described it sounded like what we heard.
So we started to learn more about Bigfoot and then met Peter Byrne and we began to look for Bigfoot and go where there had been sightings.
I well never forget that scream!!!!!!
A year or so latter we had an encounter with Bigfoot------we didn't see him but we knew he was there.

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