Couple has two sightings near home file# 00750


Date:february 21, 2004
Skagit county, WA
Nearest town:
Lake Cavanaugh
Nearest road:
West Shore Drive
pre dawn dark hours
you go up highway 9 north of Arlington,untill you hit a little one lane bridge you go three four hundred yards then you make a right turn and you follow that road untell you hit Lake Cavanaugh road,then you make a right and follow that all the way to the lake.


Description of event: It was a couple years back at are cabin when I started to see strange and large foot prints in are cabin's drive way,a weird and awful musty smell lerking through out the night,and hideous sounds that would put shivers down your spine and branches breaking. I was just thought that it was bears on the property. Then the next night I noticed the same smell and the same noises,so me and my exhusband went out side with a flash light and pointed it in the woods and then our outhouse fell over. I never been so scared in my life. It just stared at us and made a terrible noise for a couple of seconds,then turned around and ran away.Then my neighbors came running out and asked us what happened,But i was still in shock . My heart was pounding so hard. Then the next time me and my new husband saw It this was just last month,we were driving from the store and then when we hit Cavanough road we saw the bushes movin on the side of the road, I told my husband to put on his brights, so he did and the thing ran across the road chasing a deer.That was the last i seen It and I believe all see that thing again. My neighbors just last week said they saw it really early about 5 in the morning out in the clearings.

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