Hiker notices smell, sees creature

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Date:february 08, 2004
Jackson county, OR
Nearest town:
Rogue River
Nearest road:
Sykes Creek
mid morning
it was off the blm roads about 150 to 175 yards off to the side with the mountain on it away from the creek.


Description of event: I was just going for a morning hike up in the mountains to just clear my head of the thoughts that i could not make go away. I had been walking for about ten minutes maybe, when i smelled somthing that i thought was a dead animal of some kind and all i thought was wow that stinks. And then a couple of minutes later i started to hear branches breaking and the birds all became really quite, now at this i just thought that a carnivor might be going after the dead animal. So i did not think very much of it and kept walking.And about this time i saw a big brown image move in front me about 25 yards away and at this i started to get a little creeped out. So i stopped walking to take in my surrondings and see if maybe i could see what the animal was. This is when i saw it. He had stopped walking and was looking back at me and i saw his amber reflecting eyes staring at me. I tried but could not run my feet would not move. Now up until this exact moment i had never believed in bigfoot but that day changed the way i will look at the creature for the rest of my life.

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