Pheasant hunters watch large creature near Molalla River file# 00752


Date:october , 1978- 79
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Canby or Mollala
Nearest road:
Private logging road owned by Weyerhaeuser. It ran from the Willamette river near Canby up into the hills above Mollala
Slight Overcast, light grey
late afternoon
Hwy 213 and S Macksburg Rd. Find the juncton of these 2 roads at Liberal, Oregon. Head west on S Mackburg Road until it intersects the old Private Logging RD. Today I think it's called the Mollala forest Road. to the north of that intersection the rd comes up right next to the river. the field is to the east of the road. The river takes a big bend. the field is south and west of this bend in the river.


Description of event: While out Pheasant hunting with my friend we saw something that I've lived with ever since. We regularly hunted this area in hopes of getting the occasional pheasant or a duck that would be flying the river. We had walked out and around the corner of the field following next to the river. We never went to close to the farmer’s house or animals because we knew he wouldn't appreciate that. We both grew up in a rural area and were used to all types of livestock and could recognize wild animals too. We tuned back to hunt the remainder of the field on the way back to my jeep. We hunted along the fence row. Within a few steps (of the Northeast corner of the field) we stopped because we noticed something unusual at the very far end of the field. Our first thought was it was a person walking towards us, but we rationalized that it was way too large to be a person. We had never ever seen an animal or person in this field. When we stopped it stopped, when we started to move again, it started too. This creature was way over a quarter mile away from us. When we stopped again, it stopped. We remarked that it must be a horse because of how much ground it was covering and how big it was. When we started it started. Think of the field like a right triangle, we where heading on a straight line from point B towards the corner of the field point C, the Bigfoot started at point A. It had to cover a diagonal path to get to point C. About half way to point C we stopped again, it stopped. At that point we could tell that there was no back end to the "horse", we could see that this creature only had 2 legs was walking upright and covering a lot of ground. We started again and it started; now it had our complete undivided attention. We were saying that if this person was covering so much ground how come it's not running, how come its so dark colored, how come it doesn't yell at us (like get off my place or what ever), what kind of clothes does it have on, etc. We then stopped about 100 feet from the corner where there was a gate which was open. It stopped too. We again ran through our options of what this thing was, by this time we were getting a little anxious (Scared), remember we both had loaded shot guns in our hands, both over 21 and physically fit guys. We really were distressed over how much ground the creature had been covering, I remember saying early on, if it’s the farmer we'll beat him to my jeep no problem. We'll now it was a real problem. We kept saying "what do you think it is" to each other. We got to the gate and stood in the middle of the open space, shotguns not raised but ready with the safeties off. We now were only 100' from this thing. The hair on the back of my neck was standing up and I was scared. We could see that it was no farmer. We each said what do you think it is one more time, neither one of us wanted to say it was Bigfoot. Finally I said I think I know what it is, and Bill said the same thing. Then I said I think its Bigfoot and he agreed. We stood there frozen observing the Bigfoot. When I asked what are we going to do, Bill turned tail and sprinted for the river, the Bigfoot moved towards me at that moment and I followed Bill. We had to go down a bank and ran down to a small gravel island. By the time I got there Bill had shouldered his gun and was waiting for the creature to come down the bank. It didn't show. We waited on the island for a few moments and decided to make our way to the jeep so we could get the heck out there
Farm land next to the Molalla River. The area was split into three sections by a woven wire cattle fence. The field area was surrounded by the fence. To the east and north of the field was the river with pasture land. The pasture land had many black berry patches, some small thickets of brush, a few small trees, on the east side there were large Douglas Firs trees and then some Big leaf Maple trees along the river and on the North side one large Oak tree where an owl hung out.

At the South end of the field was the house and other farm buildings.

On the West side of the field was a strip of pasture. The strip of pasture stretched over to the private logging road. The road had dense black berries running along side of it the whole length of this pasture land. The road is raised may be 10 to 12 feet above the field.

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