Sighting by elk hunter file# 00758


Date:november 02, 2003
Grays Harbor county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
cloudy heavy overcast some rain
mid morning


Description of event: started as i was tracking elk down into a stand of timber off to the right side of a clearcut. got about 20 yards into the timber and i got the feeling i was being watched. i grew up in these woords and know when somethings not right. all the sounds stopped not even a bird chirping. i walked about another 40 feet and head a crashing in the brush about 75 yards away i saw a big bore black bear running at full speed up and into the clearcut.i watched for a few minutes to see if it was going to circle me, it didnt. i walked about another 30 feet and the smell started to apear. it was strong much stronger than i have ever smelled before. i seen a dark object in the brush amongst some brush mostly vine maples and stinging nettles. it was pretty large moving with me as i moved up to a higher point and the edge of a small bowl i was in to get a better never showed itself fully. i hailed it thinking it might be another hunter. sure wasnt no more than a minute after i hailed it there was a large chunk of limb thrown at me. i thought it was stupid being that i was armed with a loaded 30-06 and i wasnt affraid to shoot in self defense. this stand off if you will lasted about 15 minutes and several more limbs and large dirt clods later i was getting a little edgy. there were several loud grunds and crys about this time as if it was telling me to beat it. i surely wasnt gonna turn my back and run from it. i got up a little higher on the rim of the bowl and looked down the thing had moved about 50 feet closer still stay well within the brush and under this time i had removed my rifle from my shoulder and had it at hand for whatever was gonna or not going to happen.the sounds got more intense and i was to far from the truck where my dad was watching the other side of the clearcut and my radio wasnt working. i stood there glued to the dark object in the brush for maybe another 5 or 10 minutes. it let out a loud woofing sound and started to come towards me i could see the tops of the brush and small trees in the area moving at a pretty good pace like a mad bear charging. it nearly made me piss my pants. i fired one round off over top of the dark being and it turned and moved about 50 feet back and stopped. it really started grunting and crying out at that point. i decided than it was time to get the hell outta there. i fired once more in the air and ran like hell back to the road. when i got up there i could hear that thing crashing through the brush heading down the ravine at a fast pace. since that first time i have had 3 more encounters in the general area. smells and stuff being thrown at me while out in the brush. needless to say i dont hunt that particular ridge any more.

record updated:2005-01-28 00:00:00