Fisherman hears vocalizations file# 00761


Date:january , 2004
Benton county, AR
Nearest town:
Siloam Springs
Nearest road:
Hwy 59
It is a long walk off of hwy. 59 and Lake Francis Towards Illinois river right on ok Ar state lines.


Description of event: I like to fish and hike so I decided to go try out the fishing down stream of a canoe camp where the boats stop at the end of their runs. It is less fished and I know of some shallows and deep waters. I walk back there a couple miles. I have caught lots of fish there before and it is highly populated by deer and other animals like panthers. I have gone down there three times this year with fair temps and overcast days perfect. I go down to the river and sit and be quiet over deep slow water to catch crappie. It is the other side of the bank that has made me feel wierd. I know what a panther sounds like having encounters as a kid playing in the woods and hearing them scream. I had been catching fish all day and the sun was setting at about 6:30 everyday to where you could barely see. At about 5 I usually decided to go with a hike and all. I would get up with my stringer of fish and get ready to move on when I would hear this scream that would move on the hill above across river. It would make leaves touch making enough sound to position it, I would crouch and not move after a yell that would last about a minute it seemed like. This went on for about 25 minutes when it suddenly stopped after I started moving again and walked off not wanting to be in the dark with whatever this thing was.I couldn't see it though just hearing it with no leaves on the trees. I have heard a panther and this was no panther. It gave me chills. I also noticed that when I was sitting there I kept having the feeling of being watched but didn't think anything of it being out so far. I carry a tomahawk with me for protection and for just in case. I have gone one other time and noticed hearing bigger than usual fish jumping out of the water. I now think about it and they sounded more like logs or rocks being thrown in the water. I have talked to my mom about it and she told me about her dad telling her a story about a huge mongoloid kid that was genetically different and given away and that it was bigfoot and he lived in that area of hills that I fish. It is the beginning of the ozark mountains. I really believe this is what it is after listening to the recordings on this website. I would like to go back to that spot and check it out though. There have been numerous reports there after talking to old timers around here. I have a fishing buddy that loves deer hunting and lived out there and would go hunting. He told me it was early morning and the sun was coming up when he hear something coming towards him with barely any light. He was on top of a holler that went almost up and down but he could pick of deer. He said a grey and whitish animal came up the hill at him and it stopped right before him and was walking but almost on all fours cause it was so steep he stared it down and it looked at him for a second or two and made a noise like a bobcat and then preceded up the hill away from him and he could hear it circling up to behind him up above the hill out of sight. It scared him and he is not easily scared he is a hillbilly. He heard it later come down again just out of sight later on that morning. He says he doesn't know if it is bigfoot but whatever it was it scared him and he still has no idea what it was.

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