Secondhand report - dead bigfoot found file# 00767


Date: , 2003
King county, WA
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I don't know XXXXX's address - I can get it.


Description of event: This is second hand info.

My wife and I have a friend named XXXX who we met at the Broadway Market here in Seattle a few years ago. XXXX, had a kiosk in the market where he sold rocks and minerals etc.

XXXX lives in a rural house just outside of Duvall--We have been out there to visit him.I would not say XXXX is aparticularly close friend, as we live in Des Moines (Washington), and its a long way from our house for us to visit him often.

Last fall (03) we were down on Broadway walking on the sidewalk, when saw XXXX selling flowers which he grows at his house. We got to talking , and XXXX told us he had a story for us that we had to hear.

Basically, what happened was XXXX found a dead Bigfoot on his property. He has 3 or 4 German Shepherds and they led him to the creature. XXXX got a real up-close look at the thing, obviously. He said it was face-up and had no obvious wounds or injuries. XXXX reckoned that perhaps the dogs scared it to death, but he didn't really know why it was dead. He described it to me as being around 7-8 feet long, maybe 350-400lbs. in weight. The thing that seemed to impress him the most was the things hand-size which he said 3 times bigger than his, the fingers being particularly long, the fingernails were black. It was very hairy he said.

Now here the weirdest part. XXXX said he phoned-in to the Police Department (I am assuming the Duvall Police). He said the police never showed-up, but with-in an hour or so a black twin-rotor helicopter landed. Men in black uniforms came-out and ordered XXXX to stay in his house. XXXX said the men spread-out a tarp, then rolled the creature onto it, picked it up, and put it in the helicopter and flew-off with it. End of story.

All I can say about the yarn is I know of no reason for XXXX to lie or make-it up.

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