Bowhunters see tall, dark creature file# 00782


Date:september , 2002
Jefferson county, WA
Nearest town:
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hwy 101
i don't know how to get here other then backroads, and from my place.


Description of event: Me and my nephew went bowhunting for deer in the early season in September. My hunting area is above our ranch. We walked up the trail about a mile, and stopped to sit by a deer trail, maybe to get a shot at a doe. It was around 3 or 4 o'clock when we got to the stand. Soon it was dusk, and I looked up the hill above us, and saw a tall dark object walking around, or looked like it was moving. I shrugged it off thinking it was my eyes playing tricks on me.

10 minutes later I started getting nervous. I got the feeling similar to having a cougar stalking you. I made an up excuse to leave, and we went down the trail, about a mile down to our house. We walked for a good half of that mile. And then we heard a loud crash in the brush to our left. I'm not a very brave person - me and my nephew took off. I looked over and saw something chasing us, couldnít tell what, and I didnít care. It seemed like it chased us forever. We finally came to the gate to our ranch, we jumped over it. About 20 feet past it we stopped and looked back. We saw a tall black figure standing there; I estimate its height to be 6/12 to seven feet tall. The creature and us just stood there, staring. We stared at each other for 20 or 30 seconds. The creature decided to turn around and casually walk off into the brush. My nephew and I realized that we should have run off to the house, and we did. There was wood knocking that night. And some sounds that could have been from a coyote. It wasnít very light out when we saw the thing, and I didnít notice any facial features. I did notice its arms hung down just above where I would think its knees would be. It didnít look very muscular, but like a man of normal muscle development. Maybe it was muscular. Again there wasnít a lot of light left. I didnít notice any smell. But I did think the creature was aggressive. Maybe it wasnít, maybe it was just curious. Perhaps it thought we were its kind. Its head was at least hairy; I could tell that from the sky behind it. it turned its head too look at Cody, and then me. I donít know what the creatureís motive was so i will mark passive, and aggressive.

There is a lot of what could be bigfoot activity on this ranch, an beyond it. I have heard a lot of vocalizations, but most are the same ones, maybe 5 or 6 in all. 1 of them turned out to be cougar, after some research.

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