Hunter hears strange cry, sees creature file# 00791


Date:april 22, 2004
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
mid morning
Three miles up Memaloose Road fron the bridge, at the rifle range.


Description of event: I was target shooting. I had set up my targets and was just getting ready to begin my first "string". A sudden, high-pitched "warbling" sound began nearby. I had my ear-muffs on to protect my ears from the rifle blast, but lesser noises could still come through.

When I first heard the noise, I thought it was an elk but thought to myself that it was the wrong season for elk to be bugling. I turned in the direction of the sound and saw a large, hairy, erect humanoid figure standing on the other side of the road, about 80 feet away.

I was immediately shocked at the sight but I knew it meant me no harm. It could have easily slipped up behind me and wrung my neck before I even knew it was there. I couldn't understand why it just stood there, looking at me. As I began to change my position, it called out again with a shorter and less intense squeal.

I saw no exterior sexual organs, probably becasue I spent the entire time looking at the face, wondering what was going to happen. I think it was a male though, because it acted male. I could easily be wrong. It stood there, looking at me for about 30 seconds (I think) before it turned and stepped into the brush.

Afterwards, I had to let my nerves settle down for awhile before I could even attempt to shoot. I kept looking at the spot I had seen it and tried to estimate how big it had been. As nearly as I can figure/guess, it was about 7-1/2 feet tall, covered with long, dark brown hair except for a few white hairs across the shoulders, similar to gorillas and some older men. The arms seemed too long, extending almost to the knees. It made no noise as it entered the brush, passing through the foliage as quietly as if it were a ghost.

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