Teens report tripping over something furry in the dark while searching for younger brother

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Date:june 10, 2004
Benton county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
chip ross park
cool, clear
~mile south of parking area of chip ross park by creek


Description of event: Me and my friend (both teenage girls) were going toward creek to reach my brother (31) who was sceaming for us, and we were screaming back at him--he had a flashlight, we didn't. Me and my friend came to a fence, we crossed at the lower part, we heard footsteps of 1 2-legged being and the brush moving,15-20' beyond, there was a dark bush, which looked like all other dark bushes, we stepped into this bush, but is wasn't a bush, it was furry, we must have stepped on it's arm or leg because it started moving uncontrolably, and the whole "bush" started moving, and we feel down out of fright and it was furry, and we screamed at the top of our lungs and ran toward the nearest light in someone's back yard. About 5 minutes before we approached the "furry bush", my brother was on the other side of the creek flashing the flashlight in our direction, at the same spot, he saw a tall animal, about 7' tall, and he described it as having large yellow eyes reflecting and blinking at him from the flashlight, in the same area, and he ran like hell in the other direction from us because he felt like he was in danger. The furry being seemed to be separating me and my friend from my brother and we both ended up in different ends of the town. Upon each of our sightings we stood there in shock for about a minute each. It was sitting when we ran into it, and it was standing when my brother saw it.

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