Family has strange experience while picnicking, tells of strange calls nightly near home file# 00829


Date:july , 2000
Butte county, CA
Nearest town:
Magalia/Silver City
Nearest road:
on Skyway
Sunny, Warm and Clear
early afternoon
Drive north from town of Paradise on Skyway. Keep going until the paved road ends and keep going on the dirt road (NOTE: this is impassable in winter)...
Until you come upon a bridge and the road turns into a paved road again.
This bridge crosses a large creek, or small river, not sure what it is called.


Description of event: My husband and I wanted to explore our area which we had just moved to, so we took a drive up the main road, Skyway.

We brought with us some cherries and other food for a small picnic. When we came to the bridge that leads to where the road again becomes paved (this leads to a larger city, I am told, but we have never been there), we passed over it and stopped. We got out on the side of the road and surveyed the land to check for bears or evidence thereof. We both noticed young pine trees that were snapped in half, about 8-9 feet up into the air. Neither one of us said anything to each other, but both remembered that this could be a sign of Sasquatch's territory.
We went to the other side of the stream then, back the way we had come, and parked on the right side of the road and had our picnic at streamside. My husband waded into the stream while I held our 4 month old baby and ate the cherries. What should have been a relaxing outing was very tense and we both felt like someone was watching us intensely.

We both have been watched in the past by cougars and this was definitely a different feel.
It felt as if a human was watching us, and I kept trying to see who was looking at us, but to no avail. Since we did not mention how we were feeling to each other, (i.e., not wanting to scare each other!), we both tried to act calm.

After about a half hour of this, we both said we should leave. About a week passed before we both admitted to each other what we had seen and felt. We both were very spooked about this incident, but also curious. My husband also reported to me that he saw several snapped trees behind me, right behind where I had been sitting.

Since this incident, we have noticed for 4 years now the strange whooping calls and screams of an animal that we cannot place. This is pretty regular and we've been thinking that maybe it was the canyon distorting the sounds of dogs barking down the hill. However, after hearing the files of calls (the Estacada, OR one especially) on this website of Bigfoot, we definitely have heard Bigfoot on a regular basis. It is the exact sound we've been hearing from our bedroom window nightly. Sometimes it sounds as if there ar more than one and they call to each other. It doesn't sound angry, but rather, friendly to each other. (But highly spooky to me, personally!)

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