Birdlike calls heard throughout the night file# 00831


Date:june 19, 2004
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
clear, warm


Description of event: Started hearing strange noises at approx midnight and extending untill approx an half an hour before dawn. Noises seemed to be coming from 3 separate places, and sounded birdlike as if something very large was trying to sound like something very small. The noises sounded like something was trying to signal something else, there was a brief pause between the noises, we tried shining a flash light into the area closest to the house and the noise in that area stopped but the other to increased until we stopped shining the light. as stated before this seemed to go on until about an half and hour before dawn and stopped suddenly. We looked in the area that closest set of noises were heard in the morning and found what could be 2 different tracks, one was quite small appox. 8 inches and the other was longer approx 14 inches and very slender. also found a strange trail where something had walked through the grass, there were marks approx 3-4' apart and the vegetation was pushed down but nothing in between was moved. 2 of us are hunters and outdoorsmen and we could think of nothing that could do that. These noises are still happening at night and the owner of the property heard thrashing around last night. the other strange thing is that all the usual predators in the area have been gone. there is a pack of coyotes that hunt at night on the property and they have not been seen or heard for about a week, leading upto the noises.

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