Strange vocalizations heard by swimmers near Oroville file# 00832


Date:june 21, 2004
Butte county, CA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Take Hwy 70 north of Oroville until Cherokee Rd.. Turn right. Follow till Vinton Gulch Rd. Turn left follow down to the launch ramp at Lake Oroville.


Description of event: It was dusk my friend,his girlfriend and I were relaxing and swimming at a launch ramp off of Vinton Gulch Road near Oroville CA. When we got there we heard faint sounds like there were two, what we thought at the time, mountain lions calling each other off in the distant. My friend fished while I explored and his girlfriend swam. When all the other anglers that we fishing too me and my friend started making very loud sounds just to hear the echos off the surrounding canyons of Lake Oroville. Then I remembered hearing on one of the sound recordings off of this website and how there was sort of a whistle at the end of the recording from bigfoot so I started trying to imitate the whistle. Well after about five minutes I heard something "running" ,and it sounded really large, through the treeline of thick bushes above the lake line. It was coming towards us. I asked if anyone heard that and the said no. Right after I said that we heard the same cooing sound earlier but louder within I'd say 200 ft from us at the bush line. We jumped in the car scared and turned around so we could make an escape in case anything attacked. My friend shined his light along the treeline and seen some eyes low at the tree line. So I stared whistling like I did before and it would make its sound softly. Well after three times I started mocking it and to our surprise and what made us leave was it whistled back to us. We took off. I tried finding sounds of mountain lions off of the internet that sounded the same but to no avail. Then I listened to monkey and bigfoot sounds and the only thing that came close was a Black Howler monkey. It had almost the same cooing sound. I don't know if it was a mountain lion that could whistle but I believe bigfoot is around and I will continue hunting on or around Oroville CA for signs or answers. I have heard many stories from my family and my friends about strange things from terrible sounds on Butte Creek which sent four grown men(my grandpa,dad and two uncles) taking off scared to giant boulders being thrown over hills toward a young fisherman in the Rock Piles in Oroville Wild life area.The boy's father came back with a gun but took off because of the size of the boulders scaring him. Me and my friend has also has the encounter at the Rock Piles with what sounded like giant boulders being thrown over his truck while we drove slowly at night. I was in the bed of the truck when it happended with a spot light searching but seen nothing but what I thought was eyes for a second just before!Scared the crap out of us. I'll keep on searching and keep you all informed if I encounter bigfoot again!

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