Footsteps heard, large figure seen by camper file# 00835


Date:july 04, 2004
Hood River county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
FS 1310?
cool, clear
Location: Campsite ~100 yards up from an unnamed spring about 0.1miles down Trail 434 from Pacific Crest Trail in Hatfield Wilderness. Just south of Benson Plateau. (approximately 5 miles from Wahtum Lake - the closest road)


Description of event: Five us were camped at this site for two nights over the July 4th weekend in 2004. The second night after everyone had gone to sleep 3 of us had experiences that were compared the next day. My personal account: I was having trouble falling asleep or sleeping soundly and could here members of our small group shift or unzip tents and sleeping bags to get up and "use the facilities". After a while I heard the crunching sound of someone moving just off in the forest to find a spot when I realized I hadn't heard anyone get out of a tent or biv sack. I froze and listened but heard nothing else and eventually fell asleep. Account of friend in biv sack: Half asleep heard similar sounds to what I heard and saw a large figure beyond our friend's tent (who is not very large) move away from the tent and bacame quiet in the darkness (again no exit or reentry to tent). Account of one of the people in that tent: Heard me and another friend snoring (so it must have been before or after the sounds I heard) and heard movement around her tent. She FELT something pressing against her tent. Don't recall whether she heard it move away from the tent (she is reluctant to discuss it).
We put this together after we had left so no real search for evidence was done.

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