Campers hear tree knocking, feel uncomfortable and leave file# 00839


Date: , 2002
Coos county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Middle Creek Access Rd.
late afternoon
We don't want to describe the exact location right now. We intend to go back and try to see and hear more. Also, we are afraid of letting people know exactly where, because we don't want anyone trying to shoot any bigfoot there.


Description of event: We were camping in an isolated spot. There was one other family camping at quite a distance from us, and apparently no one else for miles. We had been watching for bigfoot signs all day, as we have been interested for a very long time. We were right next to the creek, and planning to sleep in a bed in the back of our open station wagon.

In the afternoon, as we were exploring the creek, we heard the distant sound of wood striking wood. we are birdwatchers, and very familiar with the sounds of woodpeckers. It was nothing like that. It sounded like a very large branch sriking a tree trunk. An ax might have made a similar sound, but the people were in the opposite direction, and there didn't seem to be anyone else for a great distance.

Besides, the rhythm was all wrong for an ax on a tree. Instead of a steady chop, chop, there would be two or three strikes, and then a pause as if they were listening. It went on for maybe 20 minutes, periodically. We kept trying to answer back with the same sound, but it didn't sound the same. We couldn't swing a large enough stick to make the same sound. Whoever was making the sound appeared to answer us back.

That night we camped, but as the fire got low, we became very uncomfortable for no apparent reason. Perhaps it was just our imagination, but finally we decided to go home. We decided to come back when we were able to get a motorhome, so we could be inside something!

We now have the motorhome, and are going to try again next weekend in the same location. If we have any success, we will let you know.

This seems like a small thing, and there may be some other explanation. But we couldn't think of anything else that fit the facts. At least, it will be a lot of fun to go back and maybe we could be lucky enough to see a bigfoot.

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