Hunter reports smell, grunting sound, limbs breaking file# 00848


Date:october , 2003
Yamhill county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Baker Creek Road
Morning Mist to Sunny
mid morning
The area was remote Baker Creek road far past Rainbow Lodge. Near a fairly new clearcut area


Description of event: I was going hunting with a very good friend of mine up to an area that we have hunted a few times before.The area is far up Baker Creek Road past Rainbow Lodge to an area that was recently logged. It was early October just after my 21st birthday. Our day trip was in search of deer and bear. We decided after not being able to see much of anything due to a heavy mist and fog that we would hit a spot that my friend said would be prospective for finding the type of game we were looking for.It was about 1/4 mile from the clear cut we had just viewed. We had to drive on an old logging road no wider enough for one car. We arrived at the location and got out. I as usual needed to relive some pressure from drinking too much coffee and my friend told me to head directly down to what appeared to be a meadow near a creek. He said he was going to meet me down there by going another direction. I soon found myself on a steep decline down the hill via deer trail. Within 5 minutes i was at the bottom of the hill and began noticing a musky smell, far more pungent than that of elk and I shrugged it off. I was trying to walk as silent as possible but still managed to crackle the brush as I walked. Off in the distance towards the creek I began to continously hear limbs snapping and grunting no more than 40 yards away. I thought to myself that this was just my friend tripping over the underbrush and quietly pissing and moaning as he normally does. I got to where I thought was a good spot and just stood there. I kept hearing limbs and twigs snapping and no more than 5 minutes later had I been hearing this stuff I discovered that my friend was back up by the vehicle and what was in front of me wasn't him. I began getting scared and I high tailed my rear back up to the truck. I decided to light up a cigarette and listen and what ever it was down there was slowly making its way up the hillside slowly away from me. I still travel to the area to this day and still get a very earie feeling that that thing is still up there watching me

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