Woman relates seeing white sasquatch near family home as a child

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Date:june , 1976
Benton county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Alsea Hwy
warm day cooling into damp evening
late afternoon
Continue on US-20 WEST - go 6.2 mi
Turn on OR-34 WEST - go 6.2 mi
Turn on BOTKIN RD - go 0.4 mi
Turn on RAGSDALE LN/SLOW LN - go 0.5 mi


Description of event: When I was about 6, I recall seeing something in the edge of the darkening forest that made me gasp. I was with my best friend (2yrs older)and I asked her if she saw what I was looking at? (at which time the creature slowly turned and disappeared in the forest...as a child I recall it being TALL. It had white hair around its face and really light, almost bluish, eyes and longer hair on its arm that lifted and lowered slightly as it turned its body to look our way)

She calmly stated that was the 'white witch'..I assumed that she was teasing me so I didn't speak more about it and truth was it really frightened me so directly afterwards I went inside.

Another time we were sitting in the forest near this swampy area full of skunk cabbage. My friend gasped and asked me if I saw the red eyes looking at me from the bushes (we were on a bit of a dirt mound that looked down through the brush to the swampy area). I told her that I hadn't but we both had such an intensely scared feeling that we left and stood out in the open feeling creepy..The two areas that I felt I had seen something in my youth were both areas that made my body feel extremely uncomfortable...always edgy..a totally real feeling that looking over your shoulder would produce something frightful..a feeling that ALWAYS made me leave and never allowed me to feel comfortable in the forest.

I forgot about all of that until I was talking with my brother. We began with talking about how we have always had more 'sensitivity' than most people when it comes to anticipating events or having uncomfortable warning feelings ( I don't know how to describe it other than that..I guess highly sensitive/intuitive). Then we got on to talking about where we grew up in Oregon (he lived on the property (Slow Ln) several years later with his wife before he sold it in 1999/2000). I explained to him that there were a few areas on the property that made me uncomfortable. He then began to relay to me stories that immediately made me recall the incidents that I had as a child.

He reminded me of a time that he and a friend went camping way out in nearby BLM land near a lake...they found a mass of long coarse brownish hair ..frightened they ran home but brought the hair. A policeman came out and the report from the lab sighted the hair as 'from unknown origin' but that it was hair...the group of boys (determined to solve the mystery) went camping in that area and all night long heard the sounds of large logs and rocks hitting the pond..and strange vocalizations..and the feeling that something really didn't want them there.

He told me that during a summer of heavy drought( in the 90's) they began to come out of the mountains and get into closer contact with him. The area that I saw the white creature was said by him to be a common pathway that they used to get to the creek the summer of the drought. He said that he saw a family of three a male and female adult..the male being perhaps a grandfather figure due to the older look than the rest...the adult female had large mammaries and there was an adolescent male...presumed by his teasing, playfulness, and size. He explained how one day he watched in the late afternoon as the young male would walk around looking for flowers to give to the adult male...the adult male would peel back the leaves and eat the flowers...my brother said that he was nervous and they obviously knew he was there, but he couldn't help but watch and did so until it became dark enough that he no longer felt comfortable. He told me about a time when he went outside at night to explore for them and was near his house sitting on the ground with a gun when he began to hear heavy footsteps and breathing as he smelled the stinky smell...he describes a set of red eyes that reflected his direction and when he would point the gun to the face they would close and he no longer knew where it was. He knew that another was to his left and at one point it ran around him from the side then behind while breathing like he was 'puffing up'... he ran inside to his house at that point.

He told me about another time that he went to explore again at night (he is fascinated by this sort up 'unknown' quotient in life). He walked down to Botkin Rd and looked at the orchard near a neighbor's property...he thought that he saw something move in the moonlight and then realized that it was just the trunk of the tree...but the tree wasn't that tall...or broad...he then said he heard something flying at him (some sort of projectile) it grazed his hair while he was again running home...and of another time when he was listening to two of them walk casually together and have what sounded to be like a conversation in some other language...he told me about the sounds of trees snapping in the evening time followed by vocalizations. I can only speak for what I have seen as a youth and DEFINITELY what I felt.

I was always uneasy in those forests...and I have never had any problems backcountry camping as an adult in other places..but even upon my returns as I got older, the uneasiness never left me. My brother describes the same uneasiness. He said that he used to see them peering into the windows of the house on a frequnet basis and he was always afraid to be near the windows. He has since moved and the house that they lived in had to be vacated in a hurry due to the fact that it had been sold and their new home was ready for them. It has been about 5 years since they have moved and about 2 years after they left, his wife went back to see what it looked like...she said that it was the oddest thing..that the trash bags they didn't have time to throw away were still in the same spot...and the lawn was overgrown and it seemed like no one had been there. My brother said that these incidents were taking place right up until they left and perhaps the new owners got spooked.

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