Creature heard and observed lifting dead-fall tree file# 00862


Date:June 01, 2000
Kitsap county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
South Kingston
Sunny, w/clouds
late afternoon
North Kitsap, Wa.
approximate 700 plus acres of second growth timber on a indian reservation.


Description of event: The land is privately owned. I am a forester who manages the land and has had over 40 encounters with them. I have seen a group of them on several occasion. I've had witnesses with me at times. Most of my sightings occur when I am all by myself.

June 01-2000 at 3:30 pm, I was inspecting some trees in a tree plantation, when I kept hearing voices deep in the canopy of the forest. The language sounded salish dialect. I continued inspecting the young trees when I heard a thick branch snap in half. I turned and looked in that direction but saw nothing. I continued inspecting the trees when I had this cold chill run up my spine and the hair on the back of my head stood on end.

I spun around and looked behind me. When I saw this creature that looked like it was half man and half ape it was approximately 9 ft to 10 ft tall 4 ft across from shoulder to shoulder. Its skin was black with a hint of red. It had a beard, just like a human. The rest of its body was covered in hair approximately 2 to 3 inches long. I watched it walk along the tree line till it stopped to listen to others that were futher deeper in the forest.

Then there was a blow down tree that was 70 feet long and 20 inches diameter in its path. He reached down with his left hand and picked up the tree as he walked underneath it. Then he set it back down and continued walking. He stopped to listen again. When he turned his whole body around and looked in my direction, and saw that I was watching him, he sneared at me like he was really disgusted that I was watching him. He took several large steps in my direction, to the largest douglas-fir tree, and stepped behind it. I was approximately 400 ft away from him and I could not believe my eyes, what I had just seen.

I had to get a better look of him so I walked swifly to his location. I got within 60 ft of him. I was on the gravel road where my truck was parked and he was behind a tree due west up this hill from me. There was a game trail heading in his direction. I started up the trail and I had only walked a few feet when all of a sudden, the creature started screaming and pounding on the back of this tree. The sounds this creature made sounded like monkey type chatter mixed in with some kind of language.

I would stop and listen till the pounding and screaming stopped then I continued up the trail and the screaming got louder and the pounding got more frantic. I heard a snapping of jaws like a bears does, and a bears bark, but did not see any bears. The barking came from my left about 100 ft or less in a ravine below me. I wanted to get a good look at this creature so I ran several more steps closer when I stopped dead in my tracks. Just in front of me were two baby black bears, one was just slightly larger than the other. The larger one was sniffing the ground, unsure about stepping forward towards where the pounding was coming from.

When I saw the blackbear cubs, I looked around me in all directions. When I spotted the mama bear in the ravine below me. She was now standing up against a tree and snapping her jaws together and making woof, woof barks but I dont think she saw me, or did not care, because she was more concerned about the pounding and screaming from the creature behind the tree. I took one more look at the cubs, the mama bear, and where the creature was making a ruckus from, and I turned and ran down the hill back to my truck. I better stop right here before I end up writing a book. But I have had 40 plus encounters from these creatures last encounter was August 2004.

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