Man and wife see a creature standing in the Columbia River near I-84 file# 00864


Date:september 15, 2004
Hood River county, OR
Nearest town:
Port of Cascade Locks
Nearest road:
Lightly overcast w/good lighting
mid morning
My wife and I were driving (55-60mph)westbound on I-84. Sighting was at mile marker 55 approximately.


Description of event: We rounded a slight bend in I-84,which then pointed us with a view toward the river, and both noticed something in the edge of the water to our right and down approximately 150-200 feet to the bottom of the gorge near river's edge on the bank nearest I-84 (Oregon side), down at approximately 35-45 degrees from the horizontal. We viewed the object for about 30 seconds before our travel brought us past some tall trees nearer to our location which then obscured our view.

I spotted the object first (I was driving) and my wife saw it after I pointed it out to her from her vantage in the front passenger seat.

Without a doubt, there was definately something there, definitely something humanoid-like, and definately movement. When I first spotted the figure, its appearance was classic, i.e. pointed head, with head/neck angled forward of the body trunk/spine, and arms (elbows) which appeared to flex/hinge backward.

It was in the water standing up,up to approximately lower mid-calf, approximately 10 feet from shore. The overall appearance was dark (brown?), and from our vantage point appeared too tall to be a person of normal height. Our estimate was that it was 7 feet plus in height. At any rate, it appeared to be farther from the shore than it was tall, but not by much. Despite the apparent height, the body appeared to be somewhat slender in overall proportion, not like a bulked-up football linebacker or tackle, but more slender and proportionate like a quarterback. Its outline was smooth from head to waterline, with the same dark color consistent all over, i.e. no color change which might indicate clothing or indicate a color change from the top clothing to the trousers. Likewise, wading boots were not seen. No other human equipment, of any kind was seen nearby, to indicate that it was a fisherman, nor was there a fishing platform to be seen nearby or at its exact location.

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