Tracks found while hunting file# 00868


Date:october , 1973
Hood River county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Slightly overcast
mid morning
Tenderfoot ridge road turns right from the Wahtum lake road, approx 1-mile from the campground. About 1/2-mile up this road we noticed a large rock that was in the road, this ties in later. We (My Dad, Mom, Uncle, and I) drove to what was then the end of the road at an old clearcut. The whole ridge has since been extensively logged.


Description of event: My dad and uncle skirted the ridge to the right, where we had spotted a deer. Being young (15) they sent me over the top, and my Mom walked back down the road, skirting the ridge on the left. I got over the top and noticed some tracks in the duff. They were very large, about 1.5x my size 11 boot, and were about 5-6ft apart, but indistinct. I followed them to my left and found a few that exhibited toes. I started to get nervous but kept following them until I saw my Mom's red hat. I signaled her to come here. When she saw the tracks she said "let's get back to the truck!". The road was only about 50-yards away and we followed the tracks to where they met the road, and we saw a scat pile that was quite large, bigger than your average bear scat. It had berries in it like a bear sometimes does, but was big. Going down the cut bank on the road we were right where the large rock was in the road, and there was no sign that it had rolled down the cut bank. The hair was standing up on the back of my neck now, as we hustled up the road to the truck. I saw my Dad & Uncle up the hill, so I started to walk up there and discovered a track in a bare area that was very well defined and marked it with my hat. I showed them and they were amazed. On the way out I showed them where it had crossed the road. We all saw this and had no other explaination except the big guy.

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