Witness relates offensive smells, other disturbances on Reservation

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Date:October , 1973
Lake county, MT
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Hwy 93
Cool & Dry
3 miles northwest of Arlee, 28 miles north of Missoula on the Flathead Indian Reservation.


Description of event: My husband, who was a Flathead Indian medicine man had travelled all across the USA during his lifetime. He worked farming, roadworks and on many of the huge dams. He knew every track and sound of bear, bird, you name it!!! We lived on 80 acres of land that he cleared as a young man. Above our cabin was thick forest. We had seven cats, two German Shepherds and a big Kuvasz who never, ever left our porch when bears or coyotes came sniffing (as we had an oil bin a few feet from our cabin where the trash was put and the owner of the land was supposed to pick it up to the landfill every two weeks). Around 11:00pm at night the cats all acted most bizarre. The first five jumped to the floor, the other two awoke from the bed and all seven of them pressed down close to the floor like centipedes. Louie, my husband, said, "Let them out." So, I opened the door and they slunk around the side of the cabin into the night. I noticed all of their nostrils were working overtime, opening wide and closed like they smelled something they were greatly afraid of. I noticed the two German Shepherds were gone, but my Kuvasz was staring out at the blackness, taut and trembling, hardly able to growl (and Kuvasz are large herding dogs). She also crept around the side of the cabin to avoid whatever she could sense. My husband, who was inside lying on the bed asked, "What's the trouble?". I said, "There is the most offensive stench out here. It stinks!". Louie asked, "Like pig? Come in and put the knife in the door." (as we hadn't a lock, we turned out the light and got under the blankets. I was so full of fear and terror, that I was afraid whatever it was would smell my fear. Louie was the bravest of the brave. He said his medicine bundle at the north-west of our cabin was protecting us. I guess I must have slept, becaus next morning, Louie & I checked things out. His sweat lodge was slightly rearranged. The twigs were removed from the top. The green poop was from a black bear some weeks earlier and the dogs barked at that time. The garbage can had been rolled over, but we didn't hear it like when the bears trashed it and made noise. Louie said that it certainly was no bear... He didn't tell me what it was. He said the owl would talk to him that night about it (all the owl had said was he would leave the cabin and never return in that body which proved true because in less than a year, he had to have surgery and died in Missoula Hospital). He was born in 1891 , so was in his 80s. I was around 50 years younger than him. I am 55 now. I will tell you about the dreadful scream in Yellowstone Park in 1975 in the next write up.

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