Man recalls early morning childhood sighting of creature outside of his home. file# 00876


Date: , 1963
Adair county, KY
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
State hwy 206
Hot and humid
Exactl location confidential.


Description of event: Sad to say that now the area is underwater, but I will try to recall best as I can. I was awakened late one summer night, approx 2 a.m. The night was hot and humid. A very isolated rural area in 1963. I was 10 yrs. old at the time. We had no air-conditioning and we slept with the windows open with screens covering them.

I guess what woke me was the smell---really bad stench, overpowering horrible smell. When I looked at my window, I saw something that filled the entire field of vision of the window. It was swaying back and forth making low, grunting guttural type growls. As it swayed I could see hair hanging from the arms. The only light that night was a small, security type light on a pole about 40 yards from the house. It was somewhat backlit and I could tell it was taller than my window. As it swayed back and forth it also seemed to back up and come forward also. From that I could tell it had hair on the arms, I could not see the face, just a conical shaped head, and no neck. Just a massive creature that I would estimate was at least 7 ft. tall, and even now gives me goose bumps thinking about it. I was really scared and I jumped out of bed and went and told my parents. They looked around, didn't see anything, told me I was probably dreaming. I still remember them commenting on the smell, and also my dog (German Shepherd) who stayed in the barn, was really acting crazy--barking, whining, acting aggressive one moment and fearful the next.

Next morning we discovered several chickens were missing...also remember that there was a couple of night about a week before the incident that we heard strange howling and hoots down on the river bottoms. I have since realized they were very similar to what I've heard on TV. etc. that have been attributed to Bigfoot.
I've only told my wife, and parents, but something interesting is that my mom told me in later yrs, that she believed me and said that she had seen what she called "someone in a gorilla suit" in the field close to the river. I don't think it was anyone in a costume, because everyone that I knew had guns and hunted, and anyone foolish enough to do that would have put their life in jeopardy.
Thanks for this forum and allowing me to report this. I have been hesitant to, but am now glad that I did.

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