Deer hunters heard loud, low vocalization file# 00882


Date:October 03, 2004
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Patterson Mt. Road
cool but comfortable
early morning
Go up Patterson Mt Road Located about 6 Miles before Oakridge coming from Eugene on Hwy. 58. We went up it about 2 miles and camped on the left hand side of the road. The sound happened further up as you pass that spot you come to a ( Y ) on the left had side of the road and the road right past that on the right handside is the one we were on.We walked it and we split up Me and my Husband Glenn and I crossed over the creek by way of the old logging road.


Description of event: On the 2nd of October 2004, The opening day for rifle season--deer. We went down this one road to check it out and see if there was any potential hunting there. We came across the creek and decided to check it out more and we found the rest of the road and went across the creek that way and found deer tracks--coming down for water. And we decided to come back there the following morning to try and get our deer. Well we went back to camp and never the less should I say we didn't get up and out when we wanted due to a skunk being in camp and neither one of us were going to take a chance on being sprayed due to scaring it. We finally got on the road at about 8:00 a.m. and we drove up to the road we wanted to try at, parked the van and proceeded in. It took a little time to get to where we wanted only because we were going slow and really looking around.

I separated from Glenn when we came to the mound on the right that has a small clearing on this side of it and I slowly made my way to the other side, I came to the road and checked to see which way the wind was blowing and it was coming from my left to my right (with me facing towards the road I was fixing to cross) and I looked both ways to look for deer and slowly moved across the road to the other side. I got to the other side and the trail goes to the right and I check out the prints ( deer ) to see if any are fresh or anything and I decided to stop there and wait (now I am facing the creek towards Glenn and the wind is blowing from my right to my left--because I am facing the way I came from. (The wind is blowing down stream.) And I sat there for about 5-10 mins.

The next thing you know I hear this very strange deep sound. It seems it lasted about 15-30 seconds. Not positive though, and I stood up and looked around, I felt like all of a sudden something was watching me and I had a fear to run but didn't. I slowly moved back some and I heard it again but it sounded closer this time. And when I heard it this time I felt scared and all I wanted to do was get to Glenn--He has a .444 Rifle and a 45 colt 6 shooter and all I had was my 30-30 and my 9mm. I finally got to Glenn and I asked him if he heard that and he said yes. And I looked at him and told him "I know damn well what a bear, cougar, wolf, coyote, jackle, cougar, deer, and elk sound like and that was not none of those much less a human." And he agreed with me.

Glenn lived in the mountains for 12 years on his own will and he knows what all those animals sound like and a human. And this wasn't any known animal nor was it human. I don't think I will go back up there, but If I do, I'm not going alone and I will not split up again. I have hunted since I was basically 9 years old and i'm 29 now and I have never in my life ever heard anything like this. It literally scared me.

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