Man describes hearing screams, breaking branches, impressions found file# 00892


Date:july , 1995
Jackson county, OH
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
pattonsville rd.
hot and clear
i would prefer to keep the exact location private.


Description of event: I live in southern ohio and one hot summer night in 1995 the a/c was broken so I decided to sleep with my window open. We live out in the country and own about 20 acres of hunter free land, as is most of the land surrounding ours. I was getting ready for bed when I noticed that everything had gotten really quiet, my dogs weren't even out of their boxes, when I heard the most horrible screams I had ever heard, followed by the sound of trees falling and brush moving. I closed my window and turned on the lights outside, I didn't see anything, but the next day I went with a few friends (and my rottweilers) into the woods and saw trees bent and branches broken, there were a few "foot prints" barely visible but large, my uncle's size 15 shoe fit inside it, we called the game warden and he said it was a wild boar. Yeah right.

Our neighbors had a similar experience, but their horses got so spooked that they ran through a barbed wire fence; also on the roof of their cabin were claw marks, the roof is about 10 feet off the ground. The marks were wide like a persons nails, not narrow like a bobcat or other wild cat as the game warden told them it was.

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