Campsite host reports hearing loud snorting sounds, trees breaking file# 00900


Date:july , 2003
Linn county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
U.S. 20
Cascadia State Park
Cascaida, Oregon
Behind the maintenance building located on the east side of the park.


Description of event: My girlfriend and I were staying in a popup camper as campground hosts at Cascadia State Park in Cascadia, Oregon about 13 miles east of Sweet Home, Oregon during the summer of 2003. I had played some bigfoot recordings approximately 20 minutes before getting into bed. Shortly after laying down, sounds started coming from the woods directly behind the camper. It sounded like a buck snorting, but much louder. Limbs were being broken continuously. My girlfriend and I were scared and I would not get up to go and see what was going on. The sounds subsided within about five minutes. One week later, I played the sounds again through my computer speakers and the same experience happened. This time it sounded as though there was a landslide as well. The next morning, one of the campers told the ranger about hearing some strange noises and something that sounded like a landslide. My girlfriend and I never smelled anything out of the ordinary. We just heard loud snorting sounds and limbs or trees being broken. Whatever it was, it sounded mad. I promise that this took place back in the summer of 2003 and I am not saying for sure it was a bigfoot or Sasquatch. I honestly do not know what it was but I do know that I was too scared to do any investigating at the time. My girlfriend and I went into the woods the following day, but we could not find any tracks. I grew up about 18 miles from Fouke, Arkasas where a bigfoot creature has been reportedly been seen. I am currently living in Atlanta, Texas which is about 30 miles from Caddo lake where you recently filmed a Mysterious Encounters episode. I just wanted to share this information about what I experienced during the summer of 2003 with you.
Bruce Coats

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