Hikers hear vocalization

Oregonbigfoot.com file# 00901


Date:october 24, 2004
Hood River county, OR
Nearest town:
Lost Lake
Nearest road:
Lost Lake trail around lake
Partly sunny/a few showers
late afternoon
Drive from the town of Dee up into the mountains to Lost Lake. It's easy to find on a map.


Description of event: My husband and I were walking the 3.2 mile loop trail that encircles Lost Lake.
We were about 2 miles around when we heard a sound come from the other side of the lake way off in the distance. It actually sounded as if it were coming from high up on the mountain on the other side of the lake. It was a howl/call sound. It was a extremely quiet and since the birds and other sounds were so clear, we are very sure it was miles away. The sound started low and gutteral and reached an amazingly high pitch. It was fairly short in duration and my husband and I both stopped walking as soon as we heard it. We are wondering if anyone else heard it. We only passed 2 or 3 other people on the trail. It was a very quiet fall afternoon. After listening to your audio clips on this website it sounded most like the sounds recorded in the Klamath area of California in 1993. It might also be of interest that one of the camper sightings in this area from around 94-96 was at the exact time of day in the Lost Lake area.

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